Cycle Style

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cycle Style
Shoreditch London 

Cycle Style in London

Cycle Style in London 

Something I have noticed a lot lately is that the fashion in London is
not only on the streets and at the shows its also on the bikes, The Cyclists
in London all of a sudden are starting there own trend, their own unique
contribution to the fashion world and there completely in their own element.

Cycling isn't always the glam life, turning up to work dripping with bodily fluid is not the best way to start your day or afternoon but cyclists around London are pushing there wardrobe to a new level.

So follow me and my blog to see what styles I think are standing out from the rest and tell me
what you think about this latest trend.

Shoreditch Street Style

Harley Davidson Iron
Shorditch London 

Copyright Benjamin Lawley

London Collections Highlight

Sunday, 12 July 2015

London Collection Mens 
Photograph by David Nyanzi 

This Photo had to be one of my highlights from Lcm, walking with such talented individuals
and being photographed by David. Thank You Sir !! 

Street Style at Shoreditch

Shoreditch, London
Streetstyle Photography 
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Sam Lambert in Shoreditch

Sam Lambert
London Shoreditch
Street Style Photography

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Omiri Thomas at London Collections

Monday, 29 June 2015

Omiri Thomas 
London Collection Mens
Spring Summer 2016
Omiri Thomas outside The Old Sorting Office during
London Collection Mens, Check out his work you wont be
let down !

Copyright Benjamin Lawley

Jim Chapman at London Collection Mens

Jim Chapman 
London Collection Mens 
Spring Summer 2016

Jim Chapman leaving the Richard James show, always great to catch up with
this gent during London Collections.

Photograph : Benjamin Lawley

Oliver Cheshire leaving Hardy Amies

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Oliver Cheshire 
London Collection Mens
Spring Summer 2016

Oliver is always one of my favourite people to catch up with
during London Collections. He always has time to stop have
a catch up plus he is a true gentleman whats more not to like?

This was taken of Oliver when leaving Hardy Amies Spring Summer 16 Show

Copyright Benjamin Lawley

The Team, London Collection Mens

The Team 
London Collection Mens
Spring Summer 2016

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David Gandy at London Collection Mens

Saturday, 27 June 2015

David Gandy 
London Collection Mens 
Spring Summer 2016

David Gandy is always one of my favourite people to photograph
during London Collection Mens. I always try and capture David
as he is moving or being completely natural. This was taken as David
was heading to a show at the Old Sorting Office during collections.

Copyright Benjamin Lawley

Troy Alexander Heyward leaving Hardy Amies

Troy Alexander Heyward
London Collection Mens 
Spring Summer 2016

Troy Alexander Heyward, leaving the Hardy Amies show after we arrived slightly late.
His denim jacket a vintage piece from Dolce and Gabbana with an image on the back
saying "Pray Hard" was truly unique and eye capturing not forgetting those amazing metallic
shoes that stood out from the rest.

Copyright Benjamin Lawley

Samuel L. Jackson leaving The Burberry Show

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Samuel L. Jackson 
London Collection Mens
Spring Summer 2016

When your taxi driver does not listen to your directions and takes you on a huge detour with seconds to spare of missing The Burberry show what can you do ?

1) You can beg for them to let you in with there Mi5 Security Set Up.. (Doubt it)
2) You can try running in with a celebrity that is late naming no names, but you can take the following options ....(Highly Doubt it)
Tinie Tempah or Lewis Hamilton
3) You can stand outside pissed off looking like you should be watching that show even if it was your last day on earth or
4) Stand with security making light conversation and photographing the celebrities and guest as they leave still pretending you had seen the show and your not a paparazzi

I choose option 4, but then again when do you get to brush shoulders with this cool gentleman ... Samuel Jackson and get to take his photograph ? Another one ticked off the list, maybe one day it might be more formal then this image and  maybe for a publication who knows ?.. but every photo has a story and I was there to capture it. 

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